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health and safety
Health & Safety is of the highest priority and mandatory for HVS and is never compromised.

HVS Standards and Approach
Planning, preparation and communication is recognised as being vital to establishing a safe working environment. Site and or task specific method statements are always compiled prior to work starting in order to identify and control potential hazards. When HVS is operating as a subcontractor, work does not start until a sanction or permit has been issued by the main contractor.

Accidents and near misses
HVS operates a zero tolerance approach. All incidents, and near misses however trivial they seem are logged and reported for HVS's own safety processes, and additionally, when working as a subcontractor, to the relevant main site contractor. All incidents offer the opportunity to learn from minor mistakes in order to prevent major incidents in the future.

General Working
HVS personnel carry the CCSNG safety passport, and additionally are encouraged to adopt a pro-active and dynamic approach to risk assessment and working methods. In other words, if something looks or is wrong during the course of conducting the task at hand, don't ignore it, do something about it there and then.

HVS Engineers will behave in a professional manner and not compromise customers safety rules for their own convenience. The Engineer will pay attention to and observe written or verbal safety rules presented to him on arrival at the customer's site. If no induction is given, before commencing work the Engineer will familiarise themselves with normal walkways, site traffic, exit routes, and emergency procedures.

Materials & Hazardous Substances
Generally, HVS uses very little material and no hazardous substances. HVS complies with all COSHH and RoHS regulations. Any small materials that do require disposal will be done so using an approved WEEE contractor.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding health & safety please feel free to contact us.

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