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High Voltage Test Equipment

HVS distributes a quality range of high voltage test equipment throughout the UK.
We represent Phenix Technologies as their UK distributor.

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AC Test Sets

PHENIX offers a complete line of AC Dielectric Test Sets with output voltage and power ratings to meet all testing requirements. Systems are available from 3 kV up to over 1200 kV with power ratings designed to meet the needs of a particular testing application. Several different high voltage transformer designs and control packages are available to better meet individual application requirements.

Core Loss Tester

The CL-A series of Phenix core loss testers has packaged speed, accuracy and easy operation into affordable test sets for the motor industry. The CL-A has been designed to be fully automated.

Operation of the test unit is as easy as hooking up the test leads, typing in the parameters of the core to be tested and pushing a button. The unit automatically ramps up the voltage, records the results, does all the necessary calculations and ramps the voltage back down.

The automatic function virtually eliminates the chance for human error when testing and increases the accuracy and repeatability of the test.

Resonant Test Systems

Phenix Technologies Resonant Test Systems offer significant advantages to standard AC test systems where the load is largely capacitive such as power cables, gas-insulated switch gear, or generator windings. Variable frequency configurations  are available for on-site testing, or the classic variable inductor type for factory testing at power frequencies.

Portable Test Systems

A full range of AC and DC portable equipment for site or factory testing. Typically the controls are housed in a sturdy carrying case which also houses test cables.

We also supply:

  1. Motor Test Sets
  2. Core Loss Testing Equipment
  3. AC and DC Portables
  4. Resonant Test Sets
  5. Partial Discharge Detectors
  6. Test Transformers
  7. High Current Test Sets
  8. HV Megohmmeters and full range of portables
  9. Glove / blanket / hot stick test equipment

Please contact us regarding any product enquiries. HVS also provides technical services for high voltage equipment including calibration and contract testing.

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